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Deland, Florida: A Roofing Legacy Defined by Historic Landmarks and Exceptional Craftsmanship

The city of Deland, nestled in the heart of Florida, is not just a place known for its rich history and remarkable landmarks. It’s a locale where an exceptional tradition of skilled craftsmanship thrives, particularly in the roofing industry. The Deland Florida Roofers Association (DFRA) is a testament to this legacy, ensuring that the city’s homes and buildings are not just protected, but also contribute to the unique aesthetic character of the region.

Deland is home to some awe-inspiring historic landmarks. From the Stetson University campus, with Elizabeth Hall’s iconic red-roofed tower, to the Athens Theatre, an architectural gem of the 1920s, the city’s rooftops tell a compelling story of both heritage and progress.

The DFRA has been instrumental in maintaining the integrity of these historic buildings. The association’s members are trained in both traditional and modern roofing techniques, enabling them to handle the demands of preserving historic structures while also catering to the requirements of new construction projects.

One such project was the renovation of the Old Volusia County Courthouse, a classic example of neoclassical architecture built in 1929. DFRA members, with their deep understanding of historic roofing materials and techniques, played a crucial role in restoring the building’s original glory. The terracotta tile roof, a common roofing material in the 1920s, was meticulously restored, demonstrating the DFRA’s commitment to preserving Deland’s architectural history.

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Yet, the DFRA’s work is not confined to historical landmarks. The association also plays a pivotal role in shaping Deland’s future skyline. As the city grows and evolves, new roofing solutions are required that combine aesthetics, sustainability, and durability. The association’s professionals stay on the cutting edge of the industry, mastering new materials like solar tiles and green roofs. These innovations not only reduce environmental impact but also add to the visual appeal of Deland’s residential and commercial structures.

Take, for example, the modern Skyline Tower Lofts. This contemporary building, with its sleek lines and minimalist design, demanded a roofing solution that matched its futuristic appeal. DFRA roofers rose to the challenge, installing an energy-efficient cool roof that contributes to the building’s overall energy savings.

In Deland, the roofing industry is more than just a trade. It’s a craft that combines the respect for the city’s past with a vision for its future. The Deland Florida Roofers Association, with its exceptional skill set and commitment to quality, stands as a guardian of this legacy. Whether it’s the historic charm of Stetson University, the grandeur of the Old Volusia County Courthouse, or the modern allure of Skyline Tower Lofts, the roofs of Deland are a testament to the city’s vibrant history, its thriving present, and its promising future. And for that, we have the DFRA to thank.

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